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ElmvaleCelebrate Water

World Water Day 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010, Community Hall, Elmvale (map)

Town Hall Meeting - 9:00 am

Speaker's Series - 2:00 pm

Celebrating what is special about Elmvale

Last year, the Elmvale Foundation (EF) launched its first annual celebration of World Water Day (WWD) - the tradition continues. This speaker series is designed to help people think about water, and how fortunate the Elmvale area is to possess some of the purest water on the planet. Water is the basis for all life and factors into every aspect of our daily lives from the food we eat to quenching our thirst to our personal hygiene. Can you imagine a world, or community, without clean water?…… many of Earth's people can! Being informed is the first step towards protecting this amazing natural resource.

This year’s guest speaker, Dr. Brian Petri, Senior Research Scientist, Trojan Technologies, London Ontario, will speak on “The How and Why of Water Treatment, from Waste Water to Drinking Water”. Dr. Petri completed Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Biology at York University. His engineering research was related to various industrial waste reduction projects, and his biology research examined the chemical-biological interface that explained how mercury in lakes built up to very high levels in animals. Following his studies, he joined Trojan Technologies, a Canadian company that manufactures ultraviolet light disinfection systems, allowing him to bring together his engineering and biology training, investigating disinfection mechanisms of pathogens using various technologies. Brian has worked on projects all over the world, related to treating both drinking water and waste water. Brian currently leads Validation and Research Services at Trojan.

In addition to the day's speaker, a Town Hall meeting will be held in the morning, beginning at 9:00 am to discuss/disseminate information related to how the County initiatives related to future "waste"stream management might impact on water source protection.

This year, please join the Elmvale Foundation in celebrating World Water Day on Sunday March 28, 2010, at the Community Hall in Elmvale(map here) . This is a look forward to and a must attend event because of the importance of taking time to think about water and how we can maintain the quality and quantity of our water resources for the next generation to enjoy.

World Water Day is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 of each year, to raise awareness about water issues. For more information about World Water Day, visit

This Elmvale World Water Day celebration and presentation (Sunday March 28, 2010) is all about families; interactive learning for children about where water comes from and how important it is to life; students in primary and secondary schools studying water can fast-track their learning about how we value water and where the opportunities are to take ownership in protecting and stewarding this valuable resource in Elmvale, and around the world. And parents can learn how they can take steps now to ensure that their children live with quality water resources.

The Elmvale World Water Day Celebration 2009

Video Higlights for the 2009 Elmvale World Water day are now available online. The video is available at Elmvale World Water Day Video.

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