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There is growing concern about the various environmental impacts of bottled water. Maclean's Magazine (May 14, 2007) has called bottled water the latest environmental sin.

On top of the obvious environmental considerations about groundwater removal and transportation of bottled water, there is growing awareness of the problem of leaching of contaminants from the bottles themselves: antimony (Sb) leaching from PET plastic, lead (Pb) leaching from glass, and bisphenol-A leaching from polycarbonate.

Studies of 125 brands of bottled waters from 28 countries have shown that those in PET plastic are contaminated with small amounts of antimony because of leaching from the plastic. Only one brand of bottle water was not contaminated with antimony - the one in the Enviroclear bottle.

We provide all of our guests with an Enviroclear bottle from Container Corporation of Canada . Made of polypropylene, it is re-usable and dishwasher safe. At the Elmvale Water Festival, you can fill and re-fill your water bottle as many times as you please, with pure spring water for free, at our water truck. Please keep your Enviroclear bottles so that you can re-fill them later, at home. For those of you wishing to bring extra bottles home to give to friends and family, extra bottles will be available for sale.

This year, SIGG Canada has generously donated 500 limited edition, 1 L, "celebrate water" Elmvale Water Festival SIGG bottles (see below) which will be available for sale at our event.This high quality bottle is made in Switzerland of aluminum, with a proprietary liner. Leaching studies of trace metals have shown that there is effectively no leaching from this bottle, making it the "cleanest of the clean". Purchasing one of these excellent bottles will not only ensure that you are safely drinking water wherever you go, but you will also help to support our unique event.