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Elmvale Water Festival 2016

2016 was the tenth Elmvale Water Festival, and it was terrific. Mother Nature cooperated fully and provided excellent weather.

In consequence, there was a great turnout, and we sold more than 700 bottles! The bottles are only one dollar each, but every bottle sold helps to pay for the cost of our event. And of course visitors are welcome to fill up as many times as they wish.

Our beautiful spring water, from the Truax family, was as popular as ever. It was very rewarding indeed to see how many visitors brought their Elmvale Water Festival bottles with them from past years, and to hear how much use these reusable polypropylene bottles are receiving!


Visitors love our bottles. The festival was another success. A great time was had by all!


Thanks very much to Michele Locke for helping out.

The faucets were busy with folks filling up their water bottles.