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Elmvale Water Festival 2013

These are only some of the accolades we received at the 2013 EWF! Handing out free water bottles, some of the most gratifying responses, and echoed by many, ran along the lines of "yeah, we know ...we still have our bottles from last year." In fact, many people mentioned that they were still using bottles from EWF of previous years.

We had two perfect days at the Elmvale Fall Fair. The dress of the day was short sleeves and people were thirsty. We handed out over 1,300 of our special Enviroclear bottles (courtesy, Container Corporation of Canada). More importantly, the same people came back over and over again to refill from the 3500 litre tank of fresh spring water. Many asked if they could have extra bottles for family members and friends who could not attend - the message is getting out to everyone about our water, and our bottles!

It was a gratifying day and many of the people who brought their families and crowded around the Truax family water truck were interested in talking.  And, they wanted to talk "water. Water in bottles, water in lakes and streams, water everywhere - the Elmvale Water Festival certainly seems to be having an impact.

Planning has already begun for the 2014 Elmvale Water Festival. In addition, the Elmvale Foundation will be holding a special event for World Water Day on March 22, 2014 to inaugurate the new "Water Kiosk" that the Foundation helped to create. Please visit the water kiosk, just 750 m N of Elmvale, on County Road 27, to enjoy our beautiful water all year round. Please visit for details.