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Elmvale Water Festival 2011

In 2011, the Elmvale Water Festival (EWF) joined the Elmvale Fall Fair (EFF) held during the Thanksgiving weekend, Oct. 6-8. The weather was exceptional, and this was was reflected in the size of the crowd that turned out to take part in all the activities.

As per our tradition which began in 2007, the crowds enjoyed cold, fresh, spring water given away for free in our EWF, Enviroclear bottles (courtesy of Container Corporation) . For those seeking a lifetime water bottle, the EWF Sigg bottles were made available for sale (courtesy of Sigg).

For an October weekend, the weather was extraordinary – hot, hot, hot, like beautiful summer days – so the water truck (courtesy of the Truax family) was very popular and more than 1,500 Enviroclear bottles were handed out. The pure spring water and the reusable water bottles were clearly a big hit!.

Throngs of people passed by the water truck to attend events in the stands and how handy it was for them to be able to fill up as they passed by.  It seemed that most of them stopped either to get and fill a bottle, refill a bottle that they had gotten earlier, or fill their own containers. At times, there were 50+ people standing around waiting to fill up, and this proved to be a great opportunity to discuss issues related to water stewardship and the importance of using re-usable water bottles.

As they have done each year since the EWF began, the Truax family did a tremendous job. Instead of the traditional water tanker (which was being used by the Fall Fair), they supplied a flatbed trailer with a large water tank insulated with a bright silver insulating blanket, which shimmered in the sunlight – it was a beautiful sight, and attracted all eyes that passed by.

In addition to liquid refreshment,  kids were kept busy at the Children’s Water Education Centre (CWEC) which was set up in the tennis courts alongside the arena, under large circus-style tents. Michele Locke did an awesome job setting up the displays, arranging for all the craft materials and assisting all the young folks that took the time to learn about water and complete one of the many craft activities. Thanks very much Michele!

The 2011 Elmvale Water Festival was a great success. Thanks again to our volunteers and sponsors who make this possible each year, and all those in attendance.

Mike Powell, Executive Director, Elmvale Water Festival and William Shotyk, Pres., Elmvale Foundation

The Elmvale Water Festival: a refreshing day of learning and fun with water.